The Geosesarma Database

The captive care of Geosesarma vampire crabs and other hobby crabs

Weclome to The Geosesarma Database, TGD for short! This is a site dedicated to collecting information concerning the keeping, breeding, and conservation of Brachyuran Crabs, with a focus on Geosesarma, more commonly known as Geosesarma Vampire Crabs or Halloween crabs. We hope to contribute where possible to taxonomic and life history conversations surrounding this class of arthropods and shed the light and love on these amazing crabs. Please navigate through our site to get information on Geosesarma Vampire Crabs.

Our model for building this site is based on crowd-sourcing, and as such the information contained within comes from a wide variety of sources; observations made by the TGD team, scientific papers, reports made by reputable enthusiasts, and so on. It is hoped that this virtual library can help dispel the misinformation surrounding these crabs in captivity, and allow for a greater understanding of how to best care for and conserve these fascinating creatures, both in captivity and in the wild. Fact-checkers welcome.

If you would like to submit a report and photos to TGD, please use our report form here, or there is a webpage reporting form here you can navigate to. If you would like to submit more than 10 photographs or only photographs/videos, please email them to us here. All information or photographs collecting will be credited to the approriate author when published.

Current Needs:

Current Needs:


In need of any high quality photos of any commonly kept Brachyura crab kept in captivity or any Geosesarma photos.

Current Progress

Current Progress:


  1. Added Rearing Geosesarma Offspring


  1. Added Key to Javan Species page


  1. Added Humidity and Substrate pages.


  1. Created G. notophorum page and added basic info to G. notohphorum.


  1. Updated citations on G. bicolor


  1. Added genus description and banner photograph on Geosesarma

  2. Added list of plants and added banner photo of Pyrrosia nummularifolia to Plants

  3. Added pages for described Geosesarma species currently in captivity under Geosesarma

  4. Added intro description for Geosesarma dennerle on G. dennerle

  5. Added intro description for Geosesarma hagen on G. hagen


  1. Connor and Paulo joined forced and The Geosesarma Database was born!

  2. Began to define anatomical definitions on Anatomy and Morphology